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Every leader has a significant impact on the overall company culture. If your employees are able to pick out respectable qualities about you, they will be much more likely to treat you with respect. While employees should ultimately be respecting their leaders either way, it is still important for them to conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of respect. Here are some tips on how to earn the respect of your subordinates.

Own Up to Your Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes at times. A leader who is able to own up to his or her mistakes is much more likely to gain the approval of their coworkers. Not only should leaders admit to making mistakes, they should also show and follow through with plans to correct that wrong. This will, as a result, show their subordinates the proper way mistakes are to be dealt with. Everyone likes to see that their boss can be human too, which will create an environment of honesty, accountability and respect. Owning up to your mistakes invites your coworkers to feel more comfortable coming to you if and when they make a mistake. 

Listen to Others’ Ideas

The best leaders are those who are invested in hearing their coworkers’ opinions and ideas. A CEO of a company cannot be the only one to keep brainstorming new products or marketing ideas. He must lean on his team to help him. If leaders are too proud to listen to others’ input, they are most likely closing themselves off to a whole new realm of possibilities. When you purposefully give others a chance to give their input, especially those with a much different background and worldview than you, you will be shocked at some of the amazing ideas they have. Having a collaborative team environment is crucial to a business being forward thinking and staying on top of trends. Your team will not think less of you for having to consult them. Instead, they will respect you more for valuing their feedback.

Be Passionate About What You Do

If you are not passionate about your work, your team will be able to notice. Passion is what drives many leaders to work hard and commit themselves to their projects daily. An unpassionate leader will grow lazy, push the work off to other people and complain frequently. This attitude will trickle down to all aspects of the business and will make your subordinates grow lazy and unmotivated. Good leaders must stay passionate about their role, even on the tough days. They must be the one to set the standard and remind their team of the importance of their work. When employees see their boss truly cares about their work, it will motivate them to work harder. As a result, they will have a higher regard for their boss because they will appreciate his or her hard work and leadership even more.

Earning respect as a leader is really important but also not as difficult as it may seem. All it takes to be a good leader is to be humble and work hard, which are many of the qualities a candidate must have in order to gain a leadership position in the first place. Remember your passion, and commit yourself to being the leader you would want to work under.