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Leadership is both a coveted and undervalued trait in business. A strong leader can navigate a team or company through even the roughest stretches. But a lack of proper leadership can keep even the most talented group grounded.

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the true value of leadership. But in what ways are leaders so important? What traits can companies look for in their potential leaders to navigate them forward?

Building Trust Is Essential

That’s not to say that trust was not important previously. Now, in a world of uncertainty left by COVID-19, it is more essential than ever. When a workforce trusts their leader, they will run through walls for them. When the opposite is true, even the best workforce will underperform.

Leaders have to show that they care for each member of the team, not treating them like mere cogs in the machine. Transparency has become more important than ever, allowing a trust between both leader and worker.

Sharing Purpose

The best teams with the best leadership share the same purpose. They are working toward a shared goal together, essentially, being on the same page. This helps to eliminate any uncertainty as to what the direction of the team is.

When leaders have different motives or goals, it can taint the direction of the rest of the team. If the leader is viewed as striving toward their own financial goals and no more, it can deter the team from doing their best.

There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Communication

Clear communication has never been more important. Now, it needs to be even more detailed and transparent than it has been. Ambiguity and uncertainty can become particularly detrimental for employees.

When the goal and direction is clear, employees have a clear path to work on. Constant communication is the key to maintaining those goals and that direction; anything else is a misuse of time. It can even be as simple as being more visible and making the workforce feel like leadership is available and present.